The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Oriental music is based entirely upon a philosophical and spiritual basis. Its inventor was Mahadeva, the Lord of Yogis, and its great performer Parvati, his beloved consort. Krishna, the incarnation of God, was an expert musician who charmed both worlds by the music of his flute, making the Yogis dance. Bharata Muni, the greatest Hindu saint, was the first author of music. Mystics, such as Narada and Tumbara, were great musicians. In the heaven of the Hindus the God India is entertained by the classical singing of the Gandharvas and the dancing of the Apsaras. The Goddess of music is Sarasvati who is also the Goddess of wisdom; she is a great lover of the vina. The whole system of Hindu religion and philosophy is based on the science of vibration and is called Nada Brahma, Sound-God.