The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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When a person comes before you, you cannot say - by only seeing or hearing him - that you have recognized him, whether you are satisfied with him or dissatisfied, whether you feel sympathy for him or antipathy; you can only say that you had a certain impression of that person. This shows that there is a language which is beyond the senses, a language which we are capable of understanding if the inner sense is open to a certain degree. There is not one person who has not experienced this; maybe some have experienced it more, others less. Some are conscious, some are unconscious, but when a disaster is coming, a sorrow, a failure, a success, then a feeling comes. No doubt a person with a tender heart, with a greater sympathy, with love awakened in his heart is more capable of experiencing this sentiment. It is this feeling which may be called intuition, something which does not depend upon senses. A woman feels it more perhaps than a man. Often a woman will say to a man: "I feel it. I feel that it is going to be a success", or: "It is going to be a failure." And when he asks her what is the reason - for a man is very reasoning!- she will still say: "I feel it." There is a language that she understands; the man has not heard it.