The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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But apart from illness, in every little thing in life imagination makes mischief, exaggerates it, and makes it more difficult to bear. It is not seldom but often that one sees a person feeling tired before he has worked, at the very thought of the work. When working, that tiredness which was imagined before increases still more and before the work is finished the person is exhausted.

  • One will often see that the head of a factory is more tired after two hours' work than the workman who has perhaps worked all day long with the engines;
  • a superintendent of a garden becomes much more tired than the gardener who has been working on the soil all day long.
  • Often a person in the audience becomes much more tired than the singer who has sung the whole program of the evening.
  • And before having walked so many miles a person may have become tired at the thought of it.