The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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A regular life, pure diet, good sleep, a balance between activity and repose, and right breathing, all these help one to health; but the best remedy for healing oneself of all illnesses and infirmities of mind is belief. Many think that they believe, but there are very few who really believe. The belief of many is as I heard someone say, "I believe, may God strengthen my belief." It is an affirmation which has no meaning. If a person says, "I believe", that does not mean that he believes, for belief in its perfection becomes faith. And what does Christ say about faith? He says, "Faith removes mountains." No doubt the priest speaks of faith in the Church, the clergyman of faith in the Book; but that is not the real meaning of faith. Faith is the culmination of belief, and when faith is attained to a certain degree it will grow as a plant. When belief is complete it turns into faith.