The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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All that one learns and expresses in one's everyday life has been learnt by the way of reflection, and this can be well studied if one observes the lives of growing youths; for the way of walking, of sitting, of speaking that a youth shows, is always from a reflection, an impression which has fallen upon his heart, and he has caught it and expresses it as his own manner, movement, and way of expression. It is not difficult for careful parents to realize how a youth suddenly changes the manner of his movements, suddenly takes a fancy to a certain word that he has picked up from somewhere, and suddenly changes his bearing. And there are youths in whose lives you will see every day a new change; a change in voice, word, and movement. Even he himself does not know where it has come from, and yet it has come from somewhere. The voice, word or movement, manner or attitude which has impressed his heart has changed his everyday life. There is no doubt that as a person grows old there is less change; because that is the time for the collected impressions to appear in all that one says or does. But a child, a youth, is especially impressionable; and all that he expresses is what he has caught from others.