The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Now you may ask me, "What is truth?" That is the one thing you cannot speak of in words. During my traveling very often I was asked, "But tell the Truth, tell us something about the Truth." When very much urged by people I sometimes wanted to have some bricks and write upon them "Truth" and say, "Now hold it fast, for this is the Truth." For if Truth were so small that our human words could speak about or could contain it, then it could not be Truth. Therefore the Sufis have always named Truth by the word Hakk, which means God Him/Herself. It is that truth which is the seeking of all of us. It is the most wonderful thing to see in the world that however false a person, he or she does not want another person to deceive them or be false to them. A person whose profession may involve lying from morning till evening still does not want their spouse to lie when they come home.