The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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The soul tuned to God also becomes as beautiful as God and begins to express God through all one does, expressing in life the divine manner. Why is it a kingly manner? The word "kingly" signifies someone who possesses power and wealth in abundance. The soul tuned to God, before whom all things fade away and in whose eyes the importance of the little things of which every person thinks so much is lessened, begins to express divine manner in the form of contentment. It might seem to an ordinary person that nothing matters to this soul. No gain is exciting, no loss is alarming. If anyone praises, it is of no consequence; if anyone blames, it does not matter to him or her. Honor and insult is all a game to them. At the end of the game, neither is the gain a gain nor is the loss a loss; it was only a pastime.