The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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The consciousness has taken four distinct steps in manifestation, which in Sufi terms are called 'Ilm, Ishq, Wujud, Shuhud.

  1. 'Ilm is the stage in which the consciousness acts as intelligence.
  2. Ishq is the stage when the activity of the rays of the consciousness has increased and this has caused confusion among the rays and made power out of the intelligence, which is will in simple terms and in poetical terms love.
  3. The third step of the consciousness, Wujud, is the creation of vehicles, such as mind and body, through which it experiences the life on the surface.
  4. And its fourth step is its conscious experience of life from the depth to its utmost height, which is called Shuhud, and this fulfills the purpose of all manifestation.