The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Let us now consider Brahminism. There are four grades of Brahmins: Brahmachari, Grihasta, Vanaprasti, and Sanyasi. The three lower grades will perhaps answer, "Yes, there is reincarnation, but it depends upon our Karma, our actions. If we, who are men, behave like animals, we may come again as animals; we may be a cow or a dog or a cat, or else we may be a human being of a lower order than we are now; and if we live a righteous life we shall find ourselves in a better condition in our next incarnation." When we ask the highest authority among Hindus, the Sanyasi, he will say, "You will perhaps reincarnate, I shall not. I am Jivan Mukhta, free; I am above the cycle of births and deaths."