The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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In support of reincarnation a story is told of two friends who were going out on a holiday. One said, "Let us go to the temple, there we shall hear the name of God, we shall be uplifted." The other said, "You are always such a melancholy boy; you always find such dull occupations. We will not go to the temple, we will go where we can enjoy ourselves; we will go to the Gaiety." The first said, "I do not like that idea, I will not go with you." So they parted. The one who went to the temple on the way met with an accident from a wagon on the road and his foot was crushed. He thought, "What a good thing that my friend did not come with me; he too would have been injured." The other on his way to the Gaiety had great luck, he found a purse full of gold coins. He thought, "Thank God! If my friend had been with me, I should have had to share this with him.'