The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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What was the night of power to the Prophet whose whole life was revelation? It was the sending of the breath within. It is natural that we always look outward. The breath is directed outward. We see what is outward, we hear what is outward, we taste what is outward, we are touched by what is outward. When the breath is sent within, then a person sees what is within, he hears what is within, he tastes within, he is touched by what is within. When this is done and the breath is purified, the mystics see forms and colors in it which reveal past, present and future to them. They know the past, present and future of every person whom they see. But if the control of breath tells them past, present and future, it is too little, it is not worthwhile. It must tell them more: from this limited being it must bring them to that unlimited existence, from this mortal being to that immortality.