The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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The other aspect of thinking is thought, which is heavier, more solid, more vital than imagination, because it has a back-bone which is will-power. Therefore, when we say, "This is a thoughtful person", we make a distinction between the imaginative and the thoughtful person. The latter has a weight about him, something substantial; one can rely upon him. The imaginative person one day may come saying, "I love you so much; you are so good, so high, so true, so great", but it is just like a cloud of imagination which has arisen. The next day it is scattered away, and the same imaginative person, who yesterday followed this cloud, would try to find some fault, and nothing is left in his hands. How very often this happens! Those are angelic people perhaps, but they ride on the clouds. For this dense earth they are of no use, one cannot rely upon them; they are as changeable as the weather. The thoughtful person, on the contrary, takes his time to express both his praise or his blame. The mind of the thoughtful is anchored and under control.