The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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In India there, is a sacred Hindu legend relating that two sons of God were in a country where the younger one saw a horse which was set out free by the government. The one who would catch the horse would become king of that country. This youth was so attracted to the horse, and to the idea that was behind it, that he ran after it. He could not catch it, for the horse would sometimes slow down, but run away as soon as the youth nearly reached it. His mother was worried and asked the elder brother to go and find him. Then the elder brother came and saw that his brother was pursuing the horse. So he said to him, "That is a wrong method. You will never be able to catch the horse in that way. The best way of catching it is not to follow, but to meet it." Instead of following the horse the youth met the horse, and so caught it. The mother was very pleased and proud that her son had been able to catch the horse, and he became entitled to the throne and crown of his father.