The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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I will tell you an amusing anecdote. I once was in Nepal, near the Himalayas, and I wanted a servant; so I sent for one. He was of the warriors caste, Kshatriyas, of a fighters" tribe in the mountains. I asked him what work he wanted to do, and he said: "Any work you like, anything you like." I asked: "What about the pay?" "Anything you will give", he answered. I was amused to find that he wanted to do any work I would give him and to accept any pay. "Well", I said, "then there is no condition to be made?" He said: "One. You will not speak a cross word to me." Imagine! He was ready to accept any money, willing to do any work, but no humiliation. I appreciated that spirit of the warrior beyond words; this was what made him a warrior.