The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Question: Is it possible, when humiliated, to spare our mind the injury of humiliation by seeing that the person who humiliates us is beneath us?
Answer. That is not the way, because as soon as we accept humiliation we are humiliated, whether we think it or not. It does not depend upon the other person, it depends upon ourselves. No sooner do we admit humiliation, there is humiliation. If the whole world does not accept our humiliation, it does not matter as long as our mind feels humiliated, and if our mind does not accept humiliation, it does not matter if the whole world takes it as such. If a thousand persons come and say to a man, "You are wicked", he will not believe it as long as his heart says, "I am not wicked." But when his heart says, "I am wicked", if a thousand persons say, "You are good", his heart will continue to say, "No, no, I am wicked." The heart keeps him down just the same. If we ourselves give up, then nobody can sustain us.