The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Besides this moral point of view there is the mystical aspect, and when looking from the mystical point of view one sees that God's greatest purpose is accomplished by man. In explaining this philosophy I should like to give you the simile of an artist who has produced a beautiful picture. The dogs have looked at it and the cats have looked at it, but that is not enough. When a man who has not understood the idea of the picture, the art, the feeling of it, comes, looks at it and says, "There is nothing in it", then the purpose for which the artist painted the picture is not attained. At last some one else comes, looks at the picture and says, "Oh, what a beautiful idea! It suggests something to me, I can read something from it, it tells me something, it is living." It means that his man has not only understood the picture, but has understood the soul of the artist.