The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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When we observe the purpose of the lives of the different beings in this world we shall surely find a distinct purpose in the life of the human being. For instance, man is very much inclined to pleasure, food, drink and play. Now if he was born for that, how is it that the animals also have those tastes? They also are fond of food and play, but gaining those necessities of life - those animal necessities - causes great disturbance in the case of man, whereas with animals they cause very little of it. If food and sleep and free dwelling can give happiness, then the animal is much happier than man. Man, after the toil of the day, thinks, "How can I find the means to satisfy my desire for pleasure?." He can never be so peaceful, so contented as the animals. If food, drink and play were the purpose of his life, man would be the most miserable of beings.