The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Medical science is now coming to the realization of the importance of psychology, although it is as yet only considering the thought waves and thought power. Faith is still something else to be considered and studied. My experience with numerous students in this line has shown me that a person may be able to concentrate and maintain a thought, but often is not capable to do it fully, because there is no faith at the back of it. Faith, therefore, is not something which may be called a thought; faith is the ground itself: it is a ground from which thoughts spring up as plants. If the land is not fertile the plants cannot come up. And so, i.e. he can see the medicine, he cannot see the thought of the healer if there is no faith at the root of a thought, the thought is not beneficial. Besides this there is another thing: something that can be accomplished by the power of thought in a year's time, is accomplished with the power of faith behind it in one day.