The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Question: Can one obtain the spiritual plane by an earthly fight?
Answer: We say in the East that a teacher is most helpful for that. A person, who in his scientific attainment has arrived for instance at the stage of Edison, is there already; he only has to turn his face and he is already there. There is perhaps a business-man who all his life has done nothing but gain wealth. A religious, orthodox, or pious person will look upon him as most materialistic, but he does not know what fight this man had to go through in his life in order to gain that much money, and what sacrifice, what struggle and consideration he had to give to it. It is not always easy to become a man of wealth. Therefore if he has struggled along and has arrived at a point where he can be called rich, he just has to change his attitude and he is there already.