The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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His fame spread more and more; the king heard of him and became anxious to see him. So he went to the cave, but for a long time the disciples would not let him enter. At last he was allowed to come into the presence of the "sage." The king said, "I have been kept waiting very long before I could see you." The "sage" replied, "The dogs of the world are not allowed to enter the house." The king was very much insulted. He thought, "This must be a very great person." He gave him a paper saying, "This is a parvaneh for the support of your disciples." A parvaneh means a grant of land, but the word has two meanings, it also means moth. The "sage" said, "If it is a parvaneh its place is in the fire", and he put the paper into the fire which was burning before him.