The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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It is neither the deep feeling of the heart nor the living in spiritual ecstasy which make a person illuminated. A person can be in ecstasy, see visions, phenomena, and yet not be a spiritual person. A person may have religious ideas, live a pious life, have lofty ideals, yet even then he need not be an illuminated soul. This shows that in order to maintain one's body as it ought to be, and to keep the mind tuned to the right pitch, balance is necessary. When we study nature, we find that the growth of plants and the life of the trees all depend upon balance; and when we think of the cosmos and study the condition of the stars and planets, the main thing we realize is that one heavenly body holds the other. All destruction occurring in nature, such as volcanic eruptions, floods, earthquakes, comes from lack of balance. As long as nature keeps its balance, the abyss in the heart of the earth remains as it is, people can walk over it and not come to any harm.