The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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It is a great pity if a person does right or good because he wants to progress or become spiritual. For what is goodness after all? It is a very small price to pay for spirituality; and the man who depends upon his goodness to attain spirituality may just as well wait a thousand years. For it is just like a man who is collecting all the sand he can to make a hill so that he may climb to heaven. If one is not good for the love of goodness, if one does not do right for one's love of justice, for one's own satisfaction, there is no meaning in doing right, there is no virtue in doing good. To be spiritual is to become nothing; to become good is to become something. And to be something is like being nothing, while to be nothing is like being all things. The claim to spirituality hinders the natural perfection; self-effacement is a return to the Garden of Eden.