The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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There is no risk that a person endeavoring to become selfless will become a prey to all the conditions in life, quite the contrary, for all strength and wisdom resides in perfection. The absence of perfection is the tragedy of life. The person who holds on to himself is a burden even to the earth. The earth can easily bear mountains upon its back, but the person who is egotistic is heavier. And what happens in the end? Even his own soul cannot bear him, and this is why many commit suicide. Committing suicide is just like breaking apart two things which are connected with one another. It is willfully separating what is meant to be connected. It was the scheme of nature to accomplish something, and by separating the two parts these have been deprived of the privilege of that which the scheme of nature wished to accomplish. But the claim of the self has become so heavy upon the soul that the soul wants to rid itself of it.