The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Man has two natures: Firishtagi, the angelic, and Hayvanat, the animal.

  • Hayvanat means man's body and that part of his nature which needs food and drink and sleep and the satisfaction of all its passions. His anger and his jealousy are animal, also his fear of one who is stronger than himself and his envy of someone who is better than himself. In all these man is the same as the animals.
  • Firishtagi is the part of his nature that goes back to its source. It is not man's intelligence; the animals also have intelligence, though the animals cannot ask, "From whence have I come? For what purpose am I here?" When man knows this, when he recognizes his origin, then he is a divine being. This angelic nature is his kindness, his love, his sympathy, and his desire for knowledge.