The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Every soul is, so to speak, continually making its way towards something, sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously. What a person does outwardly is an appearance of action, an action having no connection with his inner activity which is like a journey. Not everyone knows whither he is making his way, and yet everyone is making his way; whether it is towards the goal one desires, or whether it is towards quite the opposite goal which one has never desired, one does not know. But when the goal is realized on the physical plane, then a person becomes conscious and says, 'I have not worked for it, I have not created it, I have not deserved it, I have not earned it; how is it possible that it has come?' If it is an object which had been desired by him then perhaps he gives himself the credit for it; he tries to believe that he has made it in some way. And if it is not desirable then he wants to attribute it to someone else, or to suppose that for some reason or other it has happened like that. But in reality it is a destination at which one has arrived at the end of one's journey; one cannot say definitely that one has created it or made it or deserved it, or that it has happened by accident. What can be said is that one has journeyed towards it, either consciously or unconsciously, and has arrived at it. That is why in point of fact no one, whatever his experiences, has ever left the way towards his destined goal.