The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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There are two distinct aspects of one's action: there is an action of the inner life and there is an action of the outer life, the inner being and the outer being. The outer being is our physical action and the inner action is our attitude. Both may be actions of free will, but in a certain way they both prove to be mechanical or automatic actions. The inner action has great power and influence upon the outer action. A person may be busy all day doing a certain thing, but at the same time, if his attitude is working against him he can never have success in his work. A person may deserve a great reward for his outer action, although he may not deserve it for his inner action; therefore if these two actions are contrary to one another, nothing constructive is done and the desired results are not attained. The true result, the result that is desirable, comes through harmony between these two activities.