The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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A person who has left America for Europe, and who has gone from Europe to the Orient, has brought something of America with him to Europe, and has taken something of Europe to the Orient. And so every soul that has come to the earth has brought with it something of the angelic plane and something of the plane of the jinn; and it shows in its life on the physical plane that which it has brought from these two planes of existence. Innocence, love of beauty, deep sympathy, love of song, a tendency towards solitude, love of harmony, all these belong to the angelic plane. Inventive genius, intellectuality, reasoning, law, justice, love of poetry and science, all these belong to the plane of the jinns. That is why one says of those who show any of these qualities, 'Here is an angelic person', or 'Here is a genius'.