The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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The soul has put on an inner garb and an outer garb; and it is these garbs that shape the soul, completely as a human being belonging to the physical plane. One garb is hidden beneath another. One might think that the garb of the jinn plane would be smaller in size than the physical one, and the garb of the angelic plane smaller still as it is covered by that of the jinn plane; but this is not necessarily so. To our physical eyes everything must have a certain rate of vibration to be visible; and it is the physical vibrations of matter that make it visible to our eyes. The vibrations of the garb of the jinn plane are so subtle that our physical eyes cannot see it, and it is as much an inner garb as an outer garb. Its size need not to be as small as that of the physical body; in fact it is incomparably larger.