The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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It is the same with the garb that the soul has adopted from the angelic plane, which is not necessarily so small that it can be covered by the two garbs just described, but on the contrary is even larger and finer. Only, the eyes of this plane cannot see it; it vibrates more quickly, and we see things according to their vibration rate. If they are invisible it is not because they are invisible by nature, but because they are invisible to our sight. Since we are dependent upon our physical eyes in order to see, that which the physical eyes cannot see, we naturally say is unseen. It is only unseen because we cannot see it as a form, so it is not an exaggeration to say that man is at the same time a jinn and an angel, for man passes through these two planes. He does not know it, but he shows the qualities of each of these planes. The love quality in man, the sense of beauty, joy, aspiration, all these tendencies, besides the innocence of human nature, come from the angelic plane. The purity in the face of an infant gives us proof of its having just arrived from that plane. The infant's smile, its friendliness, and its readiness to appreciate everything beautiful, its love of life, all these things are signs of the angelic spheres.