The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Why do souls come to the earth? Why has this creation taken place? What is the purpose of this manifestation? These questions may be answered in one word: satisfaction - for the satisfaction of God. Why is God not satisfied without it? Because God is the only Being, and the desire of being is to become conscious of being. This consciousness experiences life through various channels, names, and forms, and in man this consciousness of being reaches its culmination. To put it simply, it is through man that God experiences life in its highest perfection. If anyone asks what man's duty is, if that is the purpose, the answer is: his most sacred duty is to attain to that perfect consciousness which is his Dharma, his true religion. In order to perform his duty he may have to struggle with himself, he may have to go through suffering and pain, he may have to pass many tests and trials. But by making many sacrifices, and practicing renunciation, he will attain to that consciousness which is God-consciousness, in which resides all perfection.