The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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There is a give and take on the planes through which the soul has to pass, and this give and take is between those souls which are going from the source towards manifestation and the souls which are returning from manifestation to the source. As a traveler coming from Asia to America and a traveler going from America to Asia may meet in Europe and may exchange money or thoughts, taking upon themselves one another's debts, knowledge, happiness, or misery, in the same way we experience our life on earth. One soul takes a route, sometimes without knowing it, which leads to riches, to success; and another soul takes a route which leads him to failure, to committing errors. It all depends on what route one has taken from the beginning. Hafiz explains this idea poetically, saying that each person has his own wine, and his love is according to the wine he possesses. Whether it be the wine of happiness, the wine of joy, or of sorrow, the wine of misery, of courage, of fear, of trust, of distrust, of faith, or of disbelief, it is in the intoxication of this wine that he acts, showing the effect of the wine to the world.