The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Today there seems to be greater need of the inner life than there has ever been before. It is the head quality which is developed these days, whereas the heart quality needs to be developed in order to bring balance to life. Life, so balanced, can then be prepared for the inner culture or the spiritual life. Many consider sentiment to be quite unimportant, something which should be kept apart from the central theme of life which today is intellectuality. No one who has given a thought to the deeper side of life will deny for one moment the power and inspiration that arise when once the heart is kindled. A person with heart quality need not be simple, he need not discard intellect; only, the heart quality produces a perfume in the intellect like the fragrance in a flower. Morals learnt from logic are dry morals - a fruit without juice, a flower without fragrance. The heart quality produces naturally virtues which no one can teach; a loving person, a person with sympathy in his heart, teaches morals through himself. It is the balance of thought and feeling that makes the soil ready for the sowing of the seed of the inner life.