The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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The reason why the heart influences our life, is that the heart is like the seed out of which the plant has grown which we call our self. Thought, speech, and action, like fruits and flowers, are the effect of the heart; what the heart produces is the same as that which was already in it. For instance a person cannot conceal his feelings all the time. He may play at being a friend, he may play at being brave; whatever he plays at he is able to maintain for a certain time and no longer, for what is in the heart must come out some time or other in the form of actions or words, from the lips, in the expression, or as atmosphere. The heart never fails to express itself in some form or other. And what does it express? What it possesses, what it is.

  • A person may be our bitter enemy and for a long time try to hide it, but in some form or other it will come out.
  • A person may be our friend and like to show indifference in some form or other, but his love will leap out.
  • If a person has something against us or if he has an admiration for us, it cannot remain hidden. He will close his lips, not showing anything in his actions and never saying it, but even through his eyes it will come out, through the expression it will show, through the atmosphere it will manifest. The heart will speak louder than words.