The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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How can one recognize this development of the soul in which the purpose of life is fulfilled? What are its indications, its signs?

  • The soul becomes like a rose, and begins to show the rose quality.
  • Just as the rose consists of many petals held together, so the person who attains to the unfoldment of the soul begins to show many different qualities. These qualities emit fragrance in the form of a spiritual personality.
  • The rose has a beautiful structure, and the personality which proves the unfoldment of the soul has also a fine structure: in manner, in dealing with others, in speech, in action.
  • The atmosphere of the spiritual being pervades the air like the perfume of the rose.
  • The rose has seeds in its heart, and so the developed souls have in their heart that seed of development which produces many roses.
  • The rose blooms and fades away, but the essence that is taken from the rose lives and keeps the fragrance that the rose had in its full bloom. Personalities who touch that plane of consciousness may live for a limited time on the earth, but the essence which is left by them will live for thousands and thousands of years, always keeping the same fragrance and giving the same pleasure that the rose once gave.