The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Let us not look at the fault of another; let us not think that a person is stupid or disagreeable; let us look at ourselves. If each person is occupied with his own black record, he will have enough to do, and it is after this that comes the improvement of the soul for everybody. The soul is the faculty of knowing. In its collective aspect it may be called the consciousness, while in its limited aspect it is the intelligence of each individual being. And it is the desire of the soul to know. The soul is very inquisitive. When it sees the sea, it desires to know what the sea is, from whence it comes. It sees a tree, and it wishes to know what the tree is, what are its fruits, how they taste. We are all the same. We want to know about every new flower we chance to find. When the soul is active, a person wants to see what science he can learn, what language, what music. He wants to know about history and geography. He wants to read the newspapers, to know what is happening in other parts of the world. And then his body becomes dim before his consciousness.