The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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In order to get a clear idea of awakening one should consider the condition which we call dreaming. Many attach little importance to it. If somebody says, 'That person is dreamy', he means to say that he is not conscious of anything. But is there in reality anything which we can call a dream? The real meaning of dream is that which is past. Yesterday is as much a dream as the experience of the night: it is past. When a person is dreaming, does he think that he is in a dream, does he think that it is unimportant, does he give it any less importance than his everyday life at that moment? He looks at it as a dream when he has awakened to this other sphere, although in that sphere he will not call it a dream. If a person were asked when he is dreaming, 'What about the experience of yesterday?' He would say, 'It was a dream' - 'And what about everyday life?' 'It was all a dream.'