The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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We need not awaken ourselves to every particular plane; we should awaken to every plane as we go on in life's journey. What is necessary is to be wide awake in life and to see what is asked of us by our friend, by our neighbor, or by the stranger who is traveling with us; becoming more and more considerate and observing what is expected of us; asking ourselves: do we harm him or do we serve him; are we kind to that person or do we hurt him? For we try to get what we do not have in life, and in doing so we are often inclined to forget whom we push away and to whom we are unkind. The one who observes this rule reduces his mistakes from a thousand to a hundred; it does not mean that he will become faultless, but if he can avoid nine hundred mistakes out of a thousand it is already something.