The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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When the spirit of art develops, this development does not produce anything outwardly, but it does so inwardly. And what is this? It is the art of personality. In a real artist a distinct personality is developed which expresses itself in everything he does. In other words, an artist need not paint a picture in order to prove himself an artist. When he has reached a certain stage of art his thought, his speech, his word, his voice, his movements, his action, everything he does becomes art. The value of the art of personality is so great that no one in this world, whatever be his occupation, can say that he does not need to develop or to learn it. If he is a business man, if he is a lawyer, if he is in industry, if he is a shopkeeper, or working in an office or factory, whatever be his position, this art of personality will help him. If he is a soldier he has a chance to become a general, if he is a worker in a factory he may one day be the head of it. Besides success he has the magnetism to win everyone he meets because of the art of personality.