The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Other arts cannot be compared with the art of personality. Character is not born with a man; his character is built up after he comes here. Even if a person can call himself a human being, he has still to know that greater art which may be rightly called a true religion. For there is another grade to strive for, and that grade is the personality of God. As soon as one seeks for the personality of God, one sees that it is different from a human personality; for with the personality of man, man can only take a human point of view, whereas with the personality of God man has to take God's point of view. And it is those personalities with God's point of view who, whenever they have come on earth, have not only taught humanity, but have given an example to humanity by their lives. They came and went--some known, some unknown--but each one of them was accepted by some and rejected by others. None of them was accepted or rejected by the whole of humanity. Yet in spite of this, truth will prove by itself victorious, for victory belongs to nothing else.