The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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The art of ancient Egypt, of Greece, and especially the art of the Mongolians and of India, was chiefly symbolical art. In such periods, when other pictures were not produced and books were not printed, this was the only means of keeping wisdom alive and handing it on to the coming generations. This was done by the master artists who were inspired by spiritual wisdom and who tried to guide humanity. With hammer and chisel they carved in wood and engraved on the rocks, and left their work in the caves of the mountains and in the old temples and palaces, an art that expresses wisdom. When one visits one of these caves where wisdom is expressed in the realm of art, one will find that one symbol can reveal more than a volume of written manuscript. And in this way the sculptures of a temple or of a mountain cave were like a library with thousands of books. The one who can read, can find divine wisdom there, expressed distinctly and with great intelligence and wit.