The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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When a spiritual man talks about all being illusion, the materialistic man says, "Show me then where reality is!" Very often people use the word illusion without having studied this question fully. When a person says to another who is in pain, "It is all illusion", the one who is suffering will say, "It is a reality to me. If you were the one who is suffering you would not say that it is an illusion!" And when this problem is not solved, a person may try to call an illness an illusion as long as his patience is not exhausted, but the moment his patience gives out he can no longer call it an illusion; he begins to call it a reality. When one begins from the end one ends at the beginning, and to call something that our senses perceive an illusion we must first understand its nature and character, in order to prove to ourselves and to others that it is an illusion.