The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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The rhythm of the soul is influenced by the mind and by action. The soul has not got its own rhythm. As in a higher sense the soul is pure from all things which can be distinguished and divided, one may ask, how then can it happen that the rhythm of the soul is lost? But if we see our friend in great grief we also will feel grief. It is not because we have a grief ourselves; we feel it only because our friend is in grief and this reflects on us. The soul is not subjected to a right rhythm or a wrong rhythm, but a right rhythm or a wrong rhythm can be reflected in the soul. For instance when a person says of something that it is ugly, what is ugly is outside him. Then why does he feel discomfort or ugliness? Because it reflects upon him. For the moment, while he is looking at the ugly thing, that ugly thing is in his eyes and in his mind, just as when we are standing in front of a mirror our image is not engraved upon the mirror but is only reflected there; and it will remain there as long as we are standing before it. Thus the soul may experience misery or wretchedness, a wrong rhythm or a right rhythm, but when these are removed the soul is again free from them. In order to maintain a perfect condition in life one must be the master of rhythm.