The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Mysticism is thus the lesson of brotherhood. All this destruction which has been caused by wars and revolutions, by the continually rising sections of humanity, fighting against one another, calling themselves federations or communities or parties or divisions, this is all caused by lack of mystical understanding. What the world needs today is not so much preaching or religious teaching; what the world needs most is the mystical outlook, to look upon the world with the mystic's attitude, and to see the whole of humanity as one, the single Being, the only Being. In order to bring this idea to the world it is not only necessary that there should be esoteric centers, but also that the message of universal brotherhood which is essential to mysticism should be given freely to all people, to those who sympathize as well as to those who are not yet ready to understand it. It is by bringing this idea to every soul one meets and can speak to that one will be able to accomplish the work which many institutions in the world today are trying to accomplish, calling themselves peace leagues and various other names.