The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Besides from infancy and childhood man begins to show the qualities which he has gathered from the different spheres. For instance infancy shows the sign of the angelic world; in the form and face of the infant, in its expression, in its smiles, we can see the angelic world. An infant is like an envoy sent from heaven to the earth. And early childhood begins to show the quality of the jinn world: the inquisitive tendency to ask of everything what it is, the love for all that is good and beautiful, all that attracts the senses, these qualities of the jinn world manifest in a child. The child takes such keen notice of everything, the child remembers more than ten trained grown-up persons remember, the child is keen to understand everything that it encounters, eager to learn and happy to remember. All these are jinn qualities; afterwards, with youth, the qualities of the world become apparent.