The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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You will not be surprised, therefore, my mureeds, on having heard from your Murshid -- when he ought to have said, "It is wrong", he perhaps astonished you by saying, "It is all right." Instead of saying, "No," he may have said, "Yes." It is to help you to bring you to that point of view which is a spiritual point of view, looking at a thing from two sides, from both sides. It is just like looking from both eyes, to make a thing complete. Will you therefore be surprised if one said that there is no set belief for a Sufi? Would you be amazed if one said that Sufism is not a particular faith? If a Sufi says, "That religion is beautiful," or "The other religions are bad," he does not mean it in the same sense as the adherents of that particular sect.