The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Unlearning is rising above one's set opinion, one's fixed idea, which makes one narrow. No doubt, it is a sign of perfection, but one goes gradually to it. If one became perfect the first day one went into the spiritual path, one would end in imperfection. Progress must be gradual, and one must know to what extent one must progress. One must not be too frank about his two points of view, or he will offend every person he meets in life. Being wise is not always speaking wisely. One can be wise without speaking wisely. There is always a danger of being too narrow-minded. And therefore the best practice that a mureed can make is to try and look at Murshid's point of view in the teaching that Murshid gives him. If a zikr is given or a phrase is given so many times, it must be done. At this time it must be repeated, or at that time. One must try and see from Murshid's point of view.