The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Besides, action, word, imagination and feeling, these four things have much greater power than anyone can imagine. Even a meaningless action, an action which might seem to convey nothing, an automatic movement, even that has a certain result. The mystics of the ancient times had known the great power of movement. It is at the present time that people have lost the secret of the psychological effect of movements. Movements have been always connected with sacred things. Among the old Greeks, among ancient Egyptians, among the Hindus of the ancient time, among Buddhists, there was a science of movements, there was a power in movements; and they knew that science and it produced a certain effect. A mureed unaware of it easily says, "But the movements tell me nothing; it is a strange thing to me; I would rather sit and meditate." Everyone would like to sit and meditate, and many would rather sleep and meditate. That is still more comfortable.