The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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  1. Now this gradual wakening to the Message at first shows in a deep felt need of knowing something which is different from all the earthly knowledge. It starts with an inclination to understand things pertaining to life better.

    • It begins with a desire that I must find my real self somewhere;
    • that I must get closer to God;
    • that I must build a bridge from here to the other world, that I can secure the continuity of my life;
    • that I may be sure of the hereafter, and that I may be able to perceive the sign of life after death;
    • that I may be able to live more harmoniously with my fellowmen;
    • that I may know and learn to think rightly, to act rightly;
    • that I may become stronger to face all that comes in life -- this life which is full of responsibilities, full of difficulties, full of pains and troubles.