The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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The activities in the worldly life cause many disturbances, and it is a constant jarring effect upon a sensitive soul; if one does not develop tolerance in nature, one is always subject to constant disturbances in life. To wish to live in the world and to be annoyed with its activities is like wanting to live in the sea and be constantly resisting its waves. This life of the world, full of different activities constantly working, has much in it to be despised, if one has a tendency to despise; but at the same time there is much to admire if one turns one's face from left to right. It is in our own power to choose the view of imperfection or the vision of perfection, and the difference is only looking down, or looking upwards. By a slight change of attitude in one's outlook on life one can make the world into heaven or hell. The more one tolerates, the stronger one becomes in this way. It is the tolerant who is thoughtful; and as thought becomes greater, one becomes more tolerant. The words of Christ, "Resist not evil," teach tolerance.