The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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There is an inner joy, a divine feeling, which rises up as water from a fountain and shows itself in many forms, in smiles, in tears, in words, in silence. Man expresses it in dancing, in singing; his voice, his word, his gesture, all express piety. Hafiz has said in sarcasm to the long-faced pious, who have become so out of orthodoxy and who look at singing or dancing with contempt, "If the heads of the pious would hear my words sung, they would get up and begin to dance." Then he goes on, saying, "Hafiz says things sometimes through drunkenness which he ought not to have said. O pious one, I pray you will overlook it all." The Sufi's piety is the divine joy which is the soul's real treasure, and it does not matter in what way it is achieved, religiously or irreligiously, as long as it is achieved; it is the thing the Sufi values most.